Poliform offers flagpoles in outstanding quality and in wide range of variety. Every flagpole are made by special durable fiberglass polyester. Maintenance is not needed for the flagpoles, because they are durable, lightweight and resistent against the UV radiation. The flagpoles could be easilly fixed, removed, and we provide all the needed accessories for the installation.

We offer our flagpoles in every color, even with striped patterns as well.



The rope is outside of the pole, with accessories
The rope is hidden, inside the flagpole, with accessories


The main charachteristics of the flagpoles:

Paint or maintenance are not needed
Long life cycle
Outstanding appearance
10 years long guarantee
Mobil version is also available


Technical description:

Height: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 meters
Made by: fiberglass polyester



"2 in 1", flagpole and lighting

2 in 1: flagpole and lighting at the same time.
Height: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 meters
Easy to replace the lighting bulbs
Different lighting bulbs could be used



Flagpole accessories

Flag rotator

By the help of the flag rotator the surface of the flag (including the logo, blazon etc.) could be seen even if the weather is not windy.
By the help of the flag rotator the flag could be rotated in 360 degrees


Installed with rope: At this type there is no need for knocking over to install the wind rotator.
Installed without rope: The flagpole needs to be knocked over before the installation.



Wind rotators could be implemented to installed flagpoles also.


Covering tops, and ornaments

The covering tops and ornaments hide away the screwes and decorate the flag.




We provide the shipping and installment of lighting posts and flagpoles.