Our company provides:

Street flagpoles


Flagpoles placed on pylons


We offer our street flagpoles with outdoor flags for national and other fests. Those are excellent tools of decorationg the settlements’ streets and public places (parks, monuments etc.) Our flagpoles could be placed on wood and concrete pylons also within a short time, there is no need for long installing process. Our flagpoles placed on pylons made by steel.






Outdoor flagpoles placed on the buildings wall


These flagpoles are made by steel that resists the corrosion.

Design: We offer this flagpoles with 1, 2, or 3 branches


Flag shafts

Flag shafts made by plastic , white coloured

Length: 80-200 cm
Diameter: 2,2 and 2,6 cm

Flag shafts made by wood, original colour

Length: 150-250 cm
Diameter: 2,2 2,6, 2,9, and 3,5 cm

Flag shafts made by brass

Lenght: 200-300 cm
Diameter: 2.2-3,5 cm

Cross mounts

Cross mounts made by: plastic, wood or brass. Ornaments in both ends. Fixation is solved by fixation lace

Length: 70-150 cm
Diameter: 2,2-3,5 cm