Indoor Flagpoles

Beside our perfect indoor and outdoor flag offers we are proud of providing indoor flagpoles.
Pruduced with special technology that combines traditional beauty with modern elegance to offer a flagpole to our costumers with outstanding quality.

Indoor flagpoles on the floor

Flagpoles placed on the floor are perfect tool of strenghtening corporate indentity that helps to maintain employees’ and partners’ retention. Beside the companies we offer our products (indoor flags, outdoor flags, flagpoles) for public institutions, municipalities and for decorating other assembly halls.

Flagpoles are made by: artificial stone, brass or marble.
Design: 1, 2, 3 branches, or even 4 or 5 branches if its required by the costumer



Indoor flagpoles placed on the wall

We offer indoor flagpoles placed on the wall for public institutions (eg. schools and kidergartens) Our flagpole solutions could be placed on the flat wall and in the corners also

Flagpoles are made by: metal.
Design 1, 2, 3 or 4 branches for placing European, National and Local flags




Mobil indoor flagpoles

Our mobil indoor flags are perfect in case of business occasions, cultural events or other sports events but only for indoor use.

Design: 3,4 or 5 meters length, avarage weight apr. 60 kgs. The mobil indoor flagpoles could be easilly transported because of their length that only 2 meters if they are not in use.