We offer the following special products for municipalities beside the indoor and outdoor flags and flagpoles




Register cover and shoulder belt

POLIFORM offers register covers and shoulder belts for municipalities which are made by silk satin material and the decoration is embroidered.







Register table covers

Register table covers are made by silk and could be decorated with crest illustrating the crown for instance. Poliform tailors the size of the register table covers to the costumers’ needs.







Medallions, plaquettes

Medallions and plaquettes are perfect  souvenirs for feasts, anniversaires, or in case of retirement, or  rewarding outstanding performances. The medallions and plaquettes are made by brass or glass ceramic.












Information board, welcome board, street name board, number board, door board

We manufacture information boards, welcome boards, street name boards, number boards, door boards that could be used in case of indoor and outdoor environment also.

These boards are made by aluminium, brass or plastic depending on the costumers needs.












Embroidered products

POLIFORM offers other products, gifts like embroidered towels, embroidered ties, baseball hats, t-shirts with embroidered and printed patterns.













Cordon fences

Our cordon fences are adequate solutions for roping off different areas of a certain public place or a room. POLIFORM offers indoor and outdoor cordon fences too. These products are made by steel, brass and painted metal.